Wellness at Campolindo High School 

    The Campolindo Wellness Center works in collaboration with the Counseling Department and Health Office to expand existing support services for students. We offer student-centered support and education through mental health counseling, outreach, and consultation to promote well-being and academic success. In addition, we partner with community based organizations by bringing them to our campus to support the specific Wellness needs of our students. 


    Need help or someone to talk to? 

    Call 211 or 

    Text HOPE to 20121

    for 24/7 free and confidential support 

  • What is offered through the Wellness Center?

    We offer a variety of services including but not limited to the following: 

    • Health Education 
    • Lunchtime Activities
    • Cool-Downs
    • Wellness Workshops and Presentations
    • Parent/Guardian Education and Consultation 
    • Support, Empowerment and Affinity Groups 
    • Case Management 
    • Individual Counseling for: 
      • Mental Health 
      • Substance use/abuse
      • Relationships and Friendships 
      • LGBTQIA+/Gender Identity Issues 
      • Grief and Loss
      • And more...  


    What services are provided for students? 

    Students can participate in a variety of services including mental health counseling, nursing services, support groups, referrals to community agenices and more. Wellness services provided to students are free and confidential. 


    How do I refer a student to the Wellness Center?  

    Anyone can refer a student to the Wellness Center by completing the online referral form at bit.ly\CHSwellreferral 


    You can also refer students by contacting the student's School Counselor or contacting the Wellness Center directly via email: chswellness@auhsdschools.org 


    Students seeking support are always welcome to drop-in to request services. 



  • Why Wellness? 

    Wellness Centers on high school campuses are a powerful investment in the health and academic potential of students. They provide increased early interventions for students experiencing social-emotional or mental health challenges that may be affecting their learning in the classroom. Wellness programs have a proven ability to support students with academics and increase engagement in the school community. 



    Monday - Friday

    7:30am to 3:30pm



    The Wellness Center has moved to B3 in the B hall


    Contact Wellness:

    Tel: (925) 280-3950



    Wellness Coordinator:

    Jenna Wrobel

    ext 5196



    Wellness Intake Specialist:

    Liana Holcomb McCann

    ext 5123



    School Nurse 

    Karen Thornburg

    ext 5114


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