• August 1, 2019


    Dear Parents,

    It is our goal to be prepared for any and all emergencies that might occur on the Miramonte High School campus. We conduct drills every year to keep everyone in practice and to refine and improve our preparations. But these preparations are not reserved for the professionals at MHS. You and your student have important roles to play. In this letter, we want to inform you of our expectations for you and your student here at MHS if and when and if an emergency event occurs. 


    Expectation #1 Emergency Procedures

    We prepare and train for shelter-in-place emergencies (which include off-site wildfires, severe weather events, off-site hazardous material releases, and criminal activities) and for classroom evacuations (which include fires, explosions, or on-site hazardous material releases). These responses are coordinated with the Orinda Police Department, Moraga-Orinda Fire District and other professional emergency responders. In the event that any of these emergencies actually does occur, we ask you to NOT attempt to come to the Miramonte High School campus. This would only impede the work of the first responders. In the rare event that evacuation of the campus becomes necessary, we will attempt to contact you via email and/or social networks with specific instructions. If the emergency does not extend beyond normal school hours, students will be released as usual at the end of the school day.


    Expectation #2 Student Security

    After a major earthquake, your student may need to stay at Miramonte High School. It is possible that such an event could cause families to be separated.  If this were to occur, your student may need to stay at Miramonte High School until released to you or your designee.


    Expectation #3 Student Release

    We have a legal responsibility for the safety and care of your student during an emergency. Therefore, we need to control and document the release of students to parents or designees. This is the process we will use and ask you to adhere to:

    • Students with Cars: If it is possible to use the parking lots and safe to drive vehicles, students with cars will be checked out at the Student Release Table at the entrance to Miramonte High School.  This check-out must happen in order for a student to drive away from campus.
    • Student Pick Up: Release will ONLY be through staff at the Student Release Table, either near the front entrance to Miramonte High School or in the back entrance at Del Rey. The location of student release would be communicated via email and/or social networks.  In either circumstance, please park OFF CAMPUS and WALK to the release table, as the road will be crowded with outbound student cars and access for emergency vehicles is a top priority. 

    Staff at the release table will get your student. We will attempt to process all students, and will direct them to follow instructions.


    In all situations, the Principal or Superintendent may make other decisions depending on actual events. During any community-wide emergency, please listen to traditional media (TV and Radio) and pay attention to social media (Twitter or school text messaging) for pertinent information. 


    We thank you for complying with these requests. If you have questions, please contact:

    Bruce Giron, (925) 280-3930, ex. 3206 or bgiron@auhsdschools.org