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    Winter 2023

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    Reel-to-Real Talk: Creative Film Forum -   10 classes           

    Winter 2023 Film Forum: 

    A definition for stereotype includes "a standardized mental picture based on a prior assumption that represents a biased opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment." 

    The Winter 2023 Film Forum semester will focus on films that heighten our awareness of negative stereotypes on the silver screen! Viewing and analyzing films about people different from us helps collapse the distance between oneself and the other. As George Takei wrote: "If we allow ourselves to judge another based primarily on a stereotype we allow a gross generalization to replace our own thinking!"  

    Some of the featured titles include the narrative films: School Ties, Lone Star, Bend it Like Beckham, Hidden Figures, Just Mercy, and Green Book. 

    231535  T 1/3-3/7  9:30-1pm  THEATER  Reg $170/Seniors $153  Thorner
    231537 TH 1/5-3/9 9:30-1pm THEATER  Reg $170/Seniors $153 Thorner
    Winter Holidays:  1/16, 2/17, 2/20   
    Del Valle Education Center, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek