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    Spring & Summer 2019

    Registration starts March 13 @ 8am

    Creative Writing

    What is your muse calling to you? Discover and explore your creative forces through writing. Develop ideas based on life experiences, imagination, research, or a combination. Use writing exercises and readings to add inspiration, develop skills, and open creativity valves. Learn and use a safe critique process in order to freely read your work and receive supportive feedback. Have fun WRITING!*No class 6/5 & 6/6

    065340 W 4/10-6/12*No class 6/5  6:30-8:30pm Rm 112 Reg $130/Seniors $117  Henderson
    065347 Th 4/11-6/13*No class 6/6 12:30-3pm Rm 112 Reg $160/Seniors $144 Henderson
    065387 Th 6/20-8/1* No class 7/4 12:30-3:30pm Rm 112 Reg $110/Seniors $99 Henderson
    Poetry and the Visual Arts  - 7 Classes

    There has long been a tradition of poets commenting on art, and visual artists borrowing subjects from poets. Poetry and the visual arts (drawing, painting and sculpture) teach us to look closer at our world and at ourselves. We will explore the overlapping of these two art forms. Writers will have a chance to explore ekphrastic writing in response to viewing art, while artists will discover a rich vein of inspiration in written words. We’ll also venture into the philosophy of aesthetics to help answer the questions: what is art? what is beauty? what does art tell us about the human condition?

     065384  T 6/18-7/30  1:30-3:30pm Rm 104 Reg $70/Seniors $63  Dresser
    Harnessing the Power of Words: Self-Discovery Through Journaling - 8 Classes

    Remember the diary you kept as a teen? With a lock and a tiny silver key. You were on the right path: journaling is a basis for memoir writing, short stories, novels, non-fiction, and internet networking. It also preserves valuable memories, breaks negative patterns, clarifies priorities, and manifests your dreams. Explore the power and creativity of this tool in a hands-on and participatory workshop, using a selection of writing techniques. Publication options will also be covered.

    205338 W 4/17-5/22 2-4pm Rm 113 Reg $60/Seniors $54 Kobrin