• Student Services

    College Representative Visits- Admission Office representatives from over 100 public and private colleges visit the center every year. Representatives from these colleges read our student's applications. Juniors and Seniors can ask questions and learn valuable information first hand. These visits are posted under "College Visits" on Family Connection/Naviance" and typically happen between the months of September to the beginning of October.  Students sign up on Naviance and pick up a pass in the College & Career Center or Library for teacher signature if visit is during class time.
    College Application Workshops - These workshops are scheduled in the fall during 7th period and after school for seniors who would like assistance in completing their on-line applications (CSU, UC and Common Applications). Counselors are also available to read student essays and give feedback.   College Interview and Essay Workshops are also offered.
    Naviance Workshops - The College & Career Adviser conducts grade appropriate Naviance workshops
    with all students each year beginning with orientation and career planning at the freshman and sophomore level through the college search/ application process for the juniors and seniors. Students complete personality and career interest profile assessments, do career and college search, create a resume, learn about test prep, create their college lists and much more. 
    Career Library- The Center has an information library that encompasses hundreds of careers. These materials are updated frequently.  In addition, freshmen and sophomore students complete "Do What You Are", Learning Style Inventory and Strengths Explorer assessments on Naviance which leads to career exploration and matching during their annual scheduled visits to the College & Career Center. 
    Technology- The Center offers college and career search computer programs and Internet access, providing an array of research opportunities for students. Computers are available for student use. Students are introduced to Family Connection/Naviance as Freshman which is a web-based tool designed especially for students and parents to help make decisions about colleges and careers.

    Reference Materials -The Center maintains resources on every two-and-four year college in the United States, college majors, sports programs, scholarships, financial aid, ratings of colleges majors, resumes and much more!

    Scholarships- Each year, over 200 scholarship applications are made available to students. The scholarship list is posted on Family Connection and updated regularly. A national scholarship list is also available on Family Connection. The center maintains current scholarship books in it's library as well. 
    Foreign Exchange and Summer Programs - Extensive information on programs around the world is available at the center. Representatives from summer/study abroad companies visit the center during lunch in late fall/early spring and these are open to sophomore through senior students and parents. Students can also find information about summer academic programs on college campuses and other summer opportunities. Over 2,500 programs are listed under "Enrichment Programs" on Family Connection/Naviance. 

    College Planning Materials- A wide variety of current college planning books, test prep books, college catalogs, sports information, books on writing successful college essays,resumes and preparing for a successful college interview. and much more is available to check out.
    Community Service/President's Volunteer Service Award Program - A list of community service organizations seeking volunteers is maintained in the College & Career Center.  Miramonte students (age 16 and over) are awarded the President's Volunteer Service Award for volunteering at least 100 hours in the 12 month period ending March 31 or the MHS Award for 50 hours or more.  Students (age 15 and under) are awarded the President's Award for 50 or more hours or the MHS Award for 25 or more. All hours must be verified on letterhead stationary signed by an authorized representative of the service organization and submitted to Ms. Stuber no later than the 2nd Friday in April.  An award ceremony honoring the students is held at the end of the school year.
    Test Preparation - In addition to all the test prep materials in the Center for ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests and AP tests, we offer Method Test Prep for both the ACT and SAT on-line through Family Connection/Naviance.  This course helps students build their math, reading, writing and SAT/ACT test prep skills and offers a six-week course including practice tests.  There is no charge to our students for this program. A list of local test prep companies and tutors is also available.
    Tutor Listings - Tutor lists are available for every academic subject taught at Miramonte.  These are available in the center or can be requested electronically via email to Samantha Stuber.
    Part-time Jobs/Summer Internships - A Job binder is maintained in the Center which includes current part-time job openings, internships and volunteer opportunities.
    Rotary Career Night - For over 58 years we have hosted an Annual Orinda Rotary Career Night program for students in March.  Eight to ten panel discussions are provided in a variety of career areas. Open to all grade levels.
    Senior Award Night - Seniors who are recipients of special awards are recognized at the end of the school year.