MHS Volunteer Program

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  • Mission Statement


    MHS Volunteer Program is dedicated to building a strong team of student volunteers and providing support to our community.


    Program Goals and Objectives

      • Build a caring school community; encourage kindness and humanitarianism.
      • Promote the positive value of self-fulfillment.
      • Enhance the sense of social belongings.
      • Develop skills in collaboration and teamwork.
      • Provide our students with opportunities to build self-esteem; inspire leadership, responsibility, and citizenship.
      • Support our students to be positive and helpful, and honor their individual commitments with the community organizations.


    Student Involvement


    We would like our students to be involved in the program and take advantage of volunteer activities. To encourage participation, check out this wide range of community service opportunities.


    Volunteer Hours and Awards


    Volunteer hours are accepted for activities that occur during the year April 1st through March 31st.  Track hours, record and confirm hours here.


    Miramonte offers two levels of awards for community service:


    • Miramonte (MHS) Service Award  

    Students under the age of 16 require 25 hours to qualify for the MHS service award, while students 16 and over need 50 hours.


    • President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) 

    This is a national award that highly recognizes outstanding volunteer service. Requirement starts at 50 or more hours for students under the age of 16, and at 100 or more hours for students 16 years and over in a 12 month period.  For details about volunteer hour requirements for Bronze, Silver and Gold award levels and additional information, refer to the MHS Volunteer Program Awards.


    Graduate with Distinction in the Volunteer Service Award


    Starting 2019-2020 school year, Miramonte High School will recognize dedicated students who have met the qualifications and achieved the required number of hours of service by volunteering and participating in the MHS Volunteer Program.  Students will be honored and receive a stole at Senior Awards Night to wear at graduation. For details refer to MHS Volunteer Program Awards. Specific qualifications are still being determined.