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    FALL 2019
    German Classes
    All classes are held at the Del Valle Education Center, 100 Building
    Language classes start in Fall and continue through Spring.  
    A complete year of Language is a, b & c.  "a" is offered in Fall, "b" is offered in Winter, "c" is offered in Spring
    German: First Year through Advanced classes emphasize communication by laying a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary. Classes also include conversation and culture.  Textbooks may be required.
    German 1a -   10 classes, No Prerequisite.         
    This is an introductory course to the German language and will focus on basic grammar, vocabulary and simple dialogues.
    061220 Th 9/12-11/14  11-12:30pm  Rm 113
    Reg $100/Seniors $90 Brandeberry 
    German 2a -  10 classes, Prerequisite 1 year of German or equivlent.                         
    This course will provide a more in-depth study of grammar topics using vocabulary to create short conversations. Short readings will be introduced.
    061222 Th 9/12-11/14 9:30-11:00am Rm 113 Reg $100/Seniors $90 Brandeberry
    "NEW" German Intermediate Conversation -  10 classes, Prerequisite 2 years of German or equivalent.           
    This course will focus on intermediate grammar and building vocabulary and speaking skills with discussions related to various reading selections. 
    061229 Th 9/12-11/14
    1pm - 3pm   Rm 113 Reg $130/Seniors $117 Brandeberry
    German Advanced Conversation & Literature - 10 classes    
    This class is intended for those conversant in the German language and who wish to converse with others in German. We will also do grammar lessons and read works of literature by German-speaking writers of all eras.
    061325 W 9/11-11/13  1-3 pm  Rm 106  Reg $130/Seniors $117 Waeny 
    Fall Holidays:  11/11, 11/25-11/29    
    Del Valle Education Center, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek