Applying to College

  • Steps & the Process to Apply to College at Las Lomas


    1. Create a College List in Naviance Under "Colleges I am Applying to"   

    • UC Applications, CSU Applications or Out of State Applications = Direct Application/Common Application/Coalition Application/ 
    • What are the due dates for each school?
    • How and when will you apply? The most common are Early Action=Nov 1 or Regular Decision= Dec/January. Select an option.


    2. Fill out the SENIOR CHECKLIST for your Counselor (the colleges should match your Naviance Account colleges.)

    • Email them and ask for an appointment after your checklist is completed.  All Seniors should turn this form in by Oct 1, 2020.


    3. For each type of application will you need a Letter of Recommendation?  General Rule: Most Common App schools need one.

    • If a LOR is needed, you must personally ask a teacher. 
    • Login to Naviance and navigate to the Letter of Recommendation section at the bottom of the page under the Colleges I am applying to tab and click it.
    • Using the drop-down menu, select your teacher, then click the schools you would like a LOR for. Click submit.
    • Go to the ABOUT ME tab, click Surveys, click survey NOT STARTED, and fill out Senior Brag Sheet. 
    • Parents must fill out the brag sheet.


    4. If you are applying to just UCs and CSUs, follow these steps:

    • Again make sure those colleges are listed in Naviance.  All applications can be submitted between 11/1 - 11/30. 
    • Google "UC apply now" & "CSU apply now".  Open these links, create an account, and write down your passwords.
    • Fill out those applications. To fill out the application you need a copy of your grades.  You can find your grades in the Aeries portal.
    • You do not need a letter of recommendation from a teacher.
    • You do not send a transcript from Las Lomas.
    • UCs are test-optional for 2021 grads and CSUs are test blind for Fall 2021, Winter 2022, and Spring 2022 applications.  Please see each system's website for further information.
    • For UCs, you will write 4 short essays (length 350 words). These are called the Personal Insight Questions (PIQs)
    • For CSUs, there are NO essay questions.


    5. If you are applying using the Common Application, follow these steps:

    • Google "Common App", create an account, using the college search tab, enter the college. Fill out all the information needed in the Common App.
    • Write a 650-word essay about yourself.  In addition, you may need to write a supplemental essay.
    • Go back to step 3 (above) and make sure you have asked a teacher for a LOR.
    • Waive your FERPA rights and then match your account under Naviance.
    • If applicable, order your test scores to be sent to the colleges. You do not need to send AP scores
    • On Naviance, order your initial transcript to be sent to the colleges. Once ordered, pay for the transcript/s on the Las Lomas Webstore.  Transcripts are $5.00 per transcript per school.


    6. Fill out the FAFSA which opens on October 1, 2020.