Applying to College

  • Steps & the Process to Apply to College at Las Lomas

    1. Create a College List in Naviance Under "Colleges I am Applying to"   Types of Applications do you could have:

    • UC Applications/ CSU Applications/ Out of State Applications =Direct Application /Common Application/ Coalition Application/ 
    • what are the due dates for each school?
    • How and when will you apply? The most common are Early Action=Nov 1, or Regular Decision= Dec/January. Select an option

    2. Fill out the SENIOR CHECKLIST for your Counselor the colleges should match your Naviance Account colleges.

    • Email them and ask for an appointment after your checklist is completed.  All Seniors should turn this form in by Oct 1. 

    3. For each application will you need a Letter of Recommendation?  General Rule: All Common App schools need one.

    • if LOR is you needed personally ask a teacher. 
    • Go to the Naviance section "Letter of Recommendation" at the bottom of the page under the tab "Colleges I am applying to" click that
    • Using the drop down menu select your teacher, then click the schools you would like an LOR for. Submit this
    • Go to the ABOUT ME tab, Click Surveys, click survey NOT STARTED, fillout Senior Brag Sheet, Parents fillout brag sheet, & Teacher LOR Rec forms

    4. If you are applying to just UCs and CSUs follow these steps;

    • Again make sure those colleges are listed in Naviance.  All applications can be submitted between 11/1 -until 11/30. 
    • Google "UC apply now" & CSU apply now.  Open these links, create an account, write down remember your passwords.
    • Fill out those applications, to fill out the application you need a copy of your grades, go to Aeries
    • you do not need a letter of recommendation from a teacher
    • you do not send a transcript from Las Lomas
    • you must send your test scores from the ACT or SAT to just 1 UC and to just 1 CSU.  They will share your scores with the other institutions.
    • For UCs you will write 4 short essays (length 350 words) these are called the Personal Insight Questions (PIQs)
    • For CSUs NO essay questions.

    5. If you are applying to the Common Application Colleges

    • Google "Common App" create an account, using the college search tab , enter the college. Fill out all the information needed in the Common App
    • Write a 650 word essay about yourself.  Inaddition, you may need to write a supplemental essay
    • Go to back to step 3 ( above )and make sure you have asked a teacher for an LOR
    • Waive your FERPA rights and then match your account under Naviance
    • Order your test scores to be sent to the colleges, you do not need to send AP scores
    • On Naviance order your initial transcript to be sent to the colleges.  Then pay for it on the Las Lomas Webstore $5.00 per transcript per school.

    6. Fill out the FAFSA which opens Oct 1