Virtual Wellness Services

  • What is offered through the Virtual Wellness Center?

    • Individual Counseling Appointments
    • 15 Minute Check-Ins with Liana 
    • Cohort Academy Drop-Ins 
    • Support and Empowerment Groups 
    • Lunchtime Activities 
    • Health Education 
    • Parent/Guardian Education and Consultation 


    Individual Counseling Appointments

    There are several ways to contact the Wellness Center to create individual wellness appointments. If you are concerned about yourself or another student, you can submit a Wellness Referral to us at\CHSwellreferral. Once we receive the referral, a member of our Wellness team will reach out to the individual referred through school email to set up a time to connect. You can also email Jenna Wrobel (Wellness Coordinator) at or Liana McCann (Intake Specialist) at to set up an appointment. 


    Check-Ins with Liana

    Liana is available for 15 minute check-ins with any interested students. This is not a counseling session. This is a chance to pop in, say hi, get self-care ideas/extra resources, and connect with Wellness. There are appointments available everyday and students can sign-up HERE.


    Cohort Drop-Ins

    We acknowledge that talking about race can be tough for both our students of color and white students. As Campolindo begins initiating conversations about race through our Racial Equity Lessons, Wellness is available for drop-in support. Students; if you are struggling, please let your teacher know you would like to be connected with someone in Wellness. If you would like a space to debrief afterwards, you can reach out to Liana at 


    Support and Empowerment Groups

    Support and empowerment groups offer the opportunity to meet with peers who may be working through similar issues or challenges. Each group is facilitated by a Wellness Center staff member. Check back here for our current group offerings, as these will change throughout the year! 


    Lunchtime Activities

    Lunchtime activities will be starting with a weekly Paint and Hang on Wednesdays! Join Liana to watercolor, draw, oil pastel, or doodle your way through lunch. Click HERE to access the Zoom link on Wednesdays at 12:45. 


    NEW: We have added a weekly Queer Hangout on Fridays at 12:45! Email Liana at for the Zoom link. This is a space for lgbtq+ students to connect, chat, chill and eat lunch. 




  • Virtual Wellness Center Hours:

    8am - 4pm


    Make a Wellness Referral:\CHSwellreferral 


    Contact Wellness:

    Tel: (925) 280-3950 


    Wellness Coordinator:

    Jenna Wrobel

    ext 5196


    Wellness Intake Specialist:

    Liana Holcomb McCann 

    ext 5123


    School Nurse 

    Karen Thornburg

    ext 5117


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