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    FALL 2023

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    Deya Hill

    Deya Hill is a retired full time professor at Diablo Valley College for 30 years; elementary teacher--grades K-6; Director of Preschool for 15 years; author of 4 books for teachers; wrote a parenting column for Oakland Tribune; host of Family Links--a cable parenting television program; member of various professional organizations; BS, Masters and Doctorate in Child and Human Development; wrote scripts for Sesame Street television network; a parent and grandparent.
    Are You Having Trouble Communicating With Your Teenager? - 6 classes

    Has your sweet child turned into your snarky teen? But why? What is really going on? Is it hormones? Join us in a class for parents, guardians, caregivers, grandparents, AND THEIR TEENS to learn about adolescent development. We will discuss brain development and how these brain changes interact with physical and emotional development during this valuable time. We will learn some tricks about effective communication and
    discuss discipline and punishment and setting boundaries. How much social media is appropriate?
    How about future goals? Curfews? Friend Groups? Teens will have a voice as well as the adults in this
    There will be no judgment or blaming—just honest information and discussions. Let us make adolescence the magical time it is meant to be for everyone.