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    Spring 2023

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    Deya Hill

    Deya Hill is a retired full time professor at Diablo Valley College for 30 years; elementary teacher--grades K-6; Director of Preschool for 15 years; author of 4 books for teachers; wrote a parenting column for Oakland Tribune; host of Family Links--a cable parenting television program; member of various professional organizations; BS, Masters and Doctorate in Child and Human Development; wrote scripts for Sesame Street television network; a parent and grandparent.
    Teenagers/Adolescents,: Are they Scary, Sweet or Both?- 6 classes

    This class will focus on the wide range of norms during this period.  Brain development and what is expected cognitively, physically and socially for males and females during these years will be reviewed briefly.    We will learn about Identity and Role Confusion and how we can support children with some of these complex issues.  How do you discipline or punish teens—what , if anything,  works?  Gardners Learning Styles will be reviewed so that you can best  guide your child in his/her academic endeavors.  Sex, drug and rock and roll( or should I say, hip hop) will be a part of our discussion.  Stress is a major factor during the teen years but how much is too much?  Social Media and the impact of its influence will also be discussed.  The years from 13-18 encompass a huge range of emotions and a wide spectrum of issues but we will try to touch on as many as possible.  Parent, grandparents and caregivers are welcome.


     055245 W 4/12-5/17  6:30-8:30pm Room 102   Reg $70/Seniors $63 Hill