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    SPRING 2024
     Chamber Music
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    The Music of Maurice Ravel - 2 classes        

    Maurice Ravel is often linked with his countryman Claude Debussy, and there are some important similarities in their music. Both used the rich harmonies and new scales that are usually associated with musical impressionism, and both had an interest in the exotic. But where Debussy was a sensualist, influenced by the Symbolist movements. Ravel was more of a craftsman and traditionalist, creating a style that was almost neoclassical.

    He was a great orchestrator. In the 1910s and 1920s, Ravel was influenced by the presence in Paris of Igor Stravinsky. His music took on a sharper edge and, along with Stravinsky, returned to older principles. That resulted in what is often referred to as a neoclassical style. After World War I, Ravel traveled extensively as a conductor. He was especially appreciated in the United States, and during his visits to this country he was exposed to American jazz. This too found its way into some of his later pieces, most notably the slow movement of his sonata for violin, which incorporates elements of blues style.

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