Day Dates Time Room Fees Instructor
    Fall 2019
    Classes are held at the Del Valle Education Center, 100 Building.

    Registration Starts August 8 @ 8am

    Exploring Current Events -  10 classes

    This is an on-going class where students choose topics from current world, national, or local events.  Each student has an opportunity to speak in a timed setting. Many perspectives will be heard. 





    Rm 103

    Reg $40/Seniors $36



    DIRC Lectures -  6 lectures

    Twice a year during fall and spring quarters, Acalanes Adult Education and Diablo International Resource Center (DIRC) cooperate in presenting a series of six lectures on current topics.  There is a presentation by an expert which is followed by a question and answer session.  Sal Compagno is the moderator for these programs.  The opinions expressed and the accuracy of materials presented during these lectures are the responsibility of the speaker.  They do not necessarily represent the views of the Diablo International Resource Center or Acalanes Adult Education.

    Fall Tenitive Topics for 2019: 

    1.  Division Between the Three Branches of the Federal Government

    2.  Are North Korea & Iran Real Threats?

    3.  Sane Immigration Policy

    4.  Objective Journalism

    5.  Rise of Populism in USA

    6.  Medicare For All

    Make checks payable to DIRC; credit cards not accepted. $40 for the series ($8 per lecture) Mail payment to 1963 Tice Valley Blvd., Walnut Creek, CA  94595

    050320 W 9/11-10/16
     7pm - 9pm   Rm 401 $40 or $8 per lecture Compagno
    Fall  Holidays: 11/11
    Del Valle Education Center, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek