We educate every student to excel and contribute in a global society.

General Youth Issues:

AHS Nurse                     280-7128 

AHS Psychologist           280-7109 



CCC Health Serv. Dept   313-6770 

 (Confidential testing, info.)

Alcoholics Anon., 24 hr   939-4155 

Alanon/AlaTeen –CCC    932-6770 

CCC Crisis Infor/Referral Unit 800/846-1652

Narcotics Anonymous    685-HELP 

Substance Abuse Education 

Related literature 

Cal. Cancer Info.      800/422-6237                      

CCC Public Health          313-6250 

Poison Control Ctr.   800/876-4766 

Rape/Incest Line    800/656-HOPE

Search Institute (help teens make healthy choices)

National Institute for Drug Abuse home

National Institute for Drug Abuse for teens

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Birth Right (abortion alternatives) 798-7227

Planned Parenthood 935-3010



Crisis, Suicide          800/833-2900


Grief Counseling       800/837-1818 

Youth Runaway        800/718-4357 

Homelessness         800/808-6444 

School Violence       800/863-7600

Youth Crisis Hotline 800/843-5200

Abortion Hotline       800/772-9100

Other:  Contra Costa Crisis Center