• MHS Nutrition  

     Anna Foletta

    Foletta is a Nutrition Consultant focusing on sports performance, hormone balancing and gut management. She has been an athlete her entire life, ranging from softball, to triathlons, to ultra-running. 

    As a student-athlete and trainer at the University of Washington, Foletta gained collegiate level experience. Following graduation, she spent over a decade providing personal and group training, health education, and corporate wellness to the community. 

    Approach to nutrition:

    • looking for symptoms to identify root causes in order to treat the whole person
    • balance your internal environment while continuing to do what you love
    • enhance cellular function via nutrition for peak performance
    • food is fuel – fuel your body right – it will take you places

    Education, Certifications:

    Bauman College

                Nutrition Consultant, w. Honors

    University of Washington

                Geography with an emphasis on Global Obesity

    Exercise Mechanics, Cybex Research Institute

    Healthy Lifestyles Trainer, YMCA

    Foundations of Strength and Conditioning Trainer, YMCA

    Foundations of Group Exercise Trainer, YMCA

    Group Exercise Instructor, ACE, YMCA

    Personal Trainer, ACSM, YMCA

    Healthy Lifestyles Program Facilitator, Stanford University, YMCA

    Learning Concepts, YMCA

    Facilitation Skills, YMCA

    Training Others I & III, YMCA

    Group Work, YMCA

    First Aid, CPR