• Calendar Task Force


    The school year calendar is a structure that shows the beginning and ending school dates for a given school year, legal and local holidays, staff development days, teacher/staff work days, minimum days, quarter/semester dates, final exam periods, and other pertinent dates.  The structure can have a profound impact on student learning and the general student school experience.  It can also have a significant influence on the family and community school experience.


    The school year or academic calendar is formally approved by the AUHSD Governing Board approximately 18 months prior to the school year.  The K-8 partner districts typically adopt their calendars in the months following the high school district calendar adoption.  There is a long-standing tradition in our community of having calendars for the high schools and the K-8 systems that are closely aligned.


    Questions regarding the school calendar surfaced this last spring as part of the Local Control and Accountability Plan development process.  Given that many of our neighboring districts now have calendars that differ from us significantly with an earlier start and 1st semester finals ending before winter break, an interest was expressed to explore possibilities.  In response, the District formed a Calendar Task Force, which has been charged with studying school year calendars and presenting their findings and/or making recommendations to the Governing Board for consideration for the 2019-2020 school year calendar.


    Recognizing that the school year calendar is really a community calendar, the AUHSD has included stakeholders representing the K-8 partner districts to join in the conversation.  High school students, parents and staff join the K-8 parents and staff on the Task Force of approximately 80 stakeholders. 


    The Task Force will meet in the months of October, November, December and January with the hope of completing its work in that time.  The group will study our current calendar as well as the many alternatives to our current calendar.  Board decisions regarding the 2019-2020 school year calendar would then be anticipated to be made in the February – April  2018, timeframe.


    There will be many community and small group meetings in the coming weeks to provide information regarding the calendar conversation and to elicit input.  There will also be surveys that will be administered to the K-12 community in the coming months.


    In the immediate future, the area partner districts will be hosting a series of community meetings during which time information will be provided, questions can be answered, and input can be offered. 

    Community Forum Schedule:

    The table provides more information regarding the community forum schedule.

    We plan to update this website as the conversation proceeds.