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Spring Health and Safety Information, 2022 (Updated 3/1/2022)

Thank You for Joining Us as Our Guest at Acalanes Adult Education!

Updated:  3/1/2022

The entire staff at Acalanes Adult Education welcome you back as our guest for in-person learning.

Acalanes Adult Education (AAE) is open for full-time, in-person instruction. The entire staff understand that in-person instruction may not be the most appropriate option for some of our guests and staff who have medical conditions and/or who have members of their household who may be at-risk from in-person instruction.  Given this ongoing and unique situation, AAE will offer courses both in-person and distance learning.

Enhanced Health and Safety Measures

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, Acalanes Adult Education is considering the many factors to help us with safely reopening for in-person learning in a responsible manner.  While we continue to follow existing state, local, and district guidelines, we are working to thoughtfully implement new health and safety measures for our students, community members, and staff.

Acalanes Adult Education enhanced health and safety measures include:

Face Coverings and Enhanced Protective Measures (Updated 3/1/2022)

On Monday, February 28, 2022 the California Department of Health and Human Services announced that, based on positive State data trends, statewide masking in the K-12 school setting will move from required to strongly recommended beginning at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 11, 2022.

  • Strongly Recommended means that masking will be optional in school settings, regardless of vaccination status, beginning Saturday, March 12, 2022.
  • We understand some staff and guests welcome this masking change.
  • We recognize some staff and guests have concerns.
  • We anticipate many staff and guests will continue to wear masks and we encourage them to do so.
    • We ask staff and guests to honor and respect one another and staff and guests who choose to continue wearing their masks will be comfortable and not feel pressured to remove masks.

Guests may review the Governor's Media Release.

Physical Distancing (Updated 3/1/2022)

Indoor physical distancing will be monitored and we will exercise appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff first and foremost.  Given there are currently no physical distancing requirements, classroom desks will return to their traditional placement for in-person learning.


Acalanes Adult Education maximizes the central air filtration for HVAC systems by using filters with a maximum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of at least 13.

Cleaning Protocols

The custodial staff follow prescribed directions from our District Office regarding changes to cleaning patterns to focus on touch points and ensuring that these are frequently cleaned.  Classrooms have hand sanitizers and we will be monitoring restrooms throughout the day to ensure they are properly stocked with soap and paper towels.

Checking for Signs, Symptoms, and Exposures

Staff and guests who are sick or who have recently had close contact with a person with COVID-19 are encouraged to stay home.  Guests or staff exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 while on campus must be immediately isolated in a private area until they are able to leave the campus or be picked up by a relative, friend, etc. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through the process of safely reopening for in-person learning.

Main Office Updates

Experience with the office may be modified in order to reduce contact.

Kiosks for Contactless Enrollment and Payment

Four kiosks will be introduced for guests to enroll in courses and pay directly online.

Enrollment at the Counter

iPads have been added to each counter where guests may use their mobile devices to scan QR codes (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) (Android) to enroll in courses and pay directly from their device.  Office staff will assist students with using this new form of enrollment and are happy to assist at any time.

Protective Shields (Updated 7/14/2021)

The office has been set-up with protective shields on the counter to allow for an added layer of protection for guests and office staff when there is a need to stop by the office.

Classroom Updates

While it may be different from the last time you stepped onto our campus and in a classroom, here are the top things to be aware of as you prepare for your return to the classroom.

  • For our online learners, classrooms are fully equipped with two logitech cameras:
    • One camera is set-up in the back of the classroom with a focus on the teaching wall and the ability to see the entire room;
    • A second camera is more mobile for the teacher to move about the classroom for more close-up images of what is taking place within the instructional setting.
  • A microphone will be installed in each classroom, providing the ability to capture all sounds to allow for our online learners to fully engage in the instructional program.
  • Canvas will continue to serve as our learning management system (LMS).
  • Online textbooks and materials will continue to be the focus of our instructional delivery method.
    • This will help reduce our carbon footprint and provide a touchless experience for guests and staff.

Campus Updates

Exterior Enhancements

When guests and staff return to campus, enhancements to our exterior grounds will improve the look and feel of the Del Valle Education Center.

  • Seven (7) brand new picnic tables have been installed;
    • Four (4) around the flag pole;
    • Three (3) between the 100 and 200 wings.
  • Four (4) brand new park benches have been installed throughout the campus.
  • Four (4) brand new combination trash and recycle cans have been installed near park benches and picnic tables.
  • A brand new bike rack has been installed near the flag pole.

Parking Lot Gate (8/18/2021)

As part of our ongoing efforts to better secure the Del Valle Education Center during non-business hours and weekends, please be advised a parking lot gate has been installed.  This gate will be locked daily by 5:00 p.m. and reopened the next business day.  Please remove your vehicle before that time.

The gate will be locked during weekends and holidays.

Please note parking at the Del Valle Education Center is reserved for guests and staff during normal business hours and that overnight parking is not allowed at any of the parking lots of the Del Valle Education Center.  Unauthorized vehicles may be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.

Cafe at Del Valle (12/7/2021)

The Del Valle Transition Program will roll out a cafe from room 203, where guests and staff may purchase items such as coffee, tea, prepackaged food items, and much more.  Given the ongoing supply chain shortage, the Cafe will open soon.

Interior Updates

The interiors of our campus have experienced upgrades and enhancements during our extended closure to in-person learning.

  • Three (3) trash cans have been added to the interior hallways of the 100 wing to allow for guests and staff to deposit their trash.
  • The bulletin board between rooms 101 and 102 have been replaced with two monitors.
    • One monitor will be an additional display of our daily class schedule and other announcements;
    • One monitor will be used as a jobs board and utilized by our AAE Transition Specialist to support our adults with job placements.