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AUHSD Governing Board Statement and Commitment For Racial Equity

Dear AUHSD Community:


The Acalanes Union High School District Governing Board values equity and inclusion and denounces racism in all forms. Each of us, our District, and our community as a whole, can, should and must do more to become antiracist, address systemic bias and promote the healthy racial identity of all.


Recent accounts of overt racism and microaggressions in our schools from members of our community, particularly our Black students and families, expressed through email, phone calls and social media are heart-wrenching and a clear call for the change that must happen for our schools to provide equitable opportunities, inclusion, belonging, and a positive school experience for all our students. We acknowledge the courage to call out racism and injustices and are sorry for the pain and harm experienced. We recognize that we have not succeeded in our efforts to equitably support all students and must immediately take steps to address these failures.


The District has initiated new programs to promote racial equity and antiracism, but can and will do more as a District to promote healthy campus culture and climate, support inclusion, address student opportunity gaps, and improve the general school experience of all students. We hope that recent events of racial injustice at a national and local level will drive even greater student, staff, parent, and community action to improve our District, programs and systems.


The Governing Board will consider adoption of a Racial Equity Board Policy at its upcoming Board meetings. The Policy will articulate Board & District values, establish priority and commit to action and programs to promote racial equity and antiracism in the District. A “1st reading” of the draft Racial Equity Board Policy will go through public Board review on July 14 and will be reviewed by and receive input from student, staff and parent groups prior to adoption at a subsequent Board meeting.




Nancy Kendzierski

AUHSD Board President

    On behalf of the Governing Board