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New Special Interest Class Offerings



Feng Shui For Prosperity

In this series you will learn to arrange your environment for prosperity in many of life's treasures; good health, loving relationships, auspicious opportunities, creative self-expression, as well as wealth. In Feng Shui, the study of how to arrange your environment to enhance one's life, wealth, and
prosperity are associated with much more than money. Former students
have experienced greater harmony and positive lifestyle changes. Be
one of them! This is a fun, hands-on class using a floor plan of your
house to personalize your experience. (Limit 12)

Laugh/Learn/Think on your Feet!

Laugh/Learn/Think on your Feet!  Improv classes for all levels.  Learn how to make it up as you go, be more comfortable onstage, with your own voice.  Skills useful in every facet of your life.  Gain confidence in speaking and bring some light and fun and laughs into your week!  Friends and family performance at the end of each session. Limit 12

Proactive Parenting

This course will be divided into 3 six-week sessions.  The child from 0-6 years: the child from 6-12 years: the adolescent.  We will take a brief look at theory and discuss what is appropriate for that particular age and development and what you can expect.  A brief review of brain development will help us all understand the behaviors of children better.  We will review the concepts of discipline vs. punishment and differentiate between them.  The various types of preschools will be reviewed to see which one suits your child's needs and personality.  This is a class for typically developing children.  We will also briefly address concerns and issues at the end of each session.  Parents, grandparents, and/or caregivers are welcome.