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School Loop Registration Information

To:  Las Lomas High School, Parents and Students
From: Tiffany Benson, Principal
Re:  School Loop

Dear Las Lomas Parents and Students,

School Loop assists teachers, students, and families as a web-based instructional technology that supports timely school-to-home communication and student achievement.

Below are instructions on how "NEW" students and parents are to register and participate in School Loop. Please note that all progress reports, quarter and semester grades will be available on School Loop. Please be advised progress reports and quarter grades will be available on School Loop and, therefore, will not be mailed home.

How to Register?
 2. Click on "Register Now"
 3. Choose Student or Parent Registration
 4. Enter All the Necessary Information
 5. Read and Accept the Terms of Service

You will be logged in to your School Loop account. All accounts will be accessible on the first day of school.  All registered parents will be approved by the school staff. We appreciate your patience with this process at the start of the school year.

You may change your password by clicking on “Account Management."