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Broadway Plaza Parking Garage Permit

Due to Covid-19 "Shelter in place", Parking at Broadway Plaza is suspended until further notice.


We are fortunate to have a positive community based relationship with the management at Broadway Plaza.  We finalized the details and application process for our students to park in the South Broadway parking garage and we are thankful that our students have the opportunity to use their parking.  If you are interested in parking in the South Broadway parking garage, then you will need to follow the process outlined below.  

The parking application, approval and payment process will be handled exclusively through Broadway Plaza's Parking Garage Office: located in the basement of the parking garage on Broadway. 


CLICK HERE for a parking application.


Here are the guidelines for parking in the South Broadway parking garage.

1.       All students must park on the third level (top of the garage), nearest to the wall on the Whole Foods side.

2.       Students will be able to park at a reduced rate of $40.00 per month.  Payment and parking oversight will be handled through Broadway Plaza's garage management

3.       Parking passes will be programmed to be valid from 6:00am-8:00pm on all school days.  Parking permits are not valid during holidays and weekends.

4.       All students must, "Be a Knight" while using their parking facility.  Broadway Plaza wants to help our students by partnering with us to offer parking. Inappropriate use of the parking permit and disrespect for the parking facility will result in a loss of parking privileges.