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Breaking Down the Walls


Next week (January 22, 23 & 24) we are running Breaking Down the Walls on our campus. All 10th and 11th graders are participating and we believe that this program has value and will add value to our campus community.


Breaking Down the Walls gives all students, regardless of their peer group, permission to talk to each other.  It teaches students to understand they are not alone by bringing to light the notion that other students share the same concerns and questions they do. 


We will have several days of workshops and 200 students will participate each day (see below for the schedule). BDTW is a very important program here because we are working to create a school culture that makes everyone feel known, accepted and understood. While this is a very difficult goal, we know that the activities of BDTW will allow people to share their stories and, at the same time, learn the stories of others. 


Here are two quotes from seniors who participated last year:


I loved participating in the program last year. It was super fun, as well as eye opening. It made me feel more connected to my fellow classmates. I talked to a ton of people that I wouldn't have normally and felt that I genuinely made some connections. I still to this day say hello to people in the halls from the program. It was truly an amazing experience for me. -Alyssa A (Class of 2020)


I absolutely loved it. I remember after it, I felt a great sense of community at school that I had never felt before, and I felt so much more connected to the school and everyone there. -Jenna Stedman (senior)


Student participation is as follows:


Wednesday 1.22 8:35 AM-3:05- Big Gym

Last Name A-Go


Thursday 1.23- 8 AM-3:05- Big Gym

Last Name Gr-O


Friday 1.24- 8:35-3:05-Big Gym

Last Name P-Z


Questions? Feel free to ask Mrs. Walton