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AP Test Information


AP Exam registration is now open. AP Exams are May 2nd – through May 13th. Please remember that there is a two-step process to take an AP Exam:


  • Step 1: Enter your class specific Join Code in AP Classroom (Teachers shared Join Codes with students last month. See Join Codes HERE if you do not have yours. You must have a College Board account or create a College Board account in order to enter your join code at ). Any student who wants to take an AP Exam or, is uncertain about taking an exam absolutely has to have their Join Code entered by November 1stth. Students who do not have their Join Code entered in AP Classroom by November 1st will not take AP Exams in the Spring. Entering your AP Exam Join Code is what orders you a test from College Board!


  • Step 2: Pay for your AP Exam on the AHS Webstore. We will be accepting payments for AP Exams now through March 1st. But, in order to avoid a $40 late fee, students need to pay for the exam by November 1st.The fee for the exam is $110 with a $40 late fee after November 1st. Do not forget to enter your Join Code in AP Classroom. Students who pay for the exam on the AHS Webstore but do not enter their Join Code in AP Classroom by November 1st will not take AP Exams in Spring. Paying for your exam is not ordering your exam, it’s just paying for it!


These are College Board deadlines, so please be aware as there will be no exceptions made.


All Join Codes are class and period specific. Please do not share Join Codes with other classes. If you would like to take an exam and are not in the class, you will need a specific Exam Only Join Code and should see Ms. Welling in the Counseling Office to get your code.


If you would like to take an exam not offered at Acalanes have two exams at the same time, or require accommodations, you must contact Ms. Welling, Testing Coordinator,, prior to November 1st to make arrangements for these testing situations.