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Thursday June 4 Class of 2020


The graduation ceremony will take place in our Front Quad, visible from the main parking lot loading zone. Students will be walking the stage in one-minute intervals.
Time Assignments In advance of the event, students have been assigned in one-minute increments and have been asked to arrive within 15 minutes prior to their scheduled walk time. Students will walk immediately when they arrive and not “wait around” if they arrive early. The minute time slots are designed to space students out and ensure a minimum number of people on campus at any given time. Graduation Walk Times
Graduation Day Students are to arrive within 15 minutes of their assigned time.  
The processional route will include the following and is for only one car per graduate:
  • Drop Off/Parking Graduates should be dropped off by immediate family/household member(s) in the back of school (tennis courts entrance). Once a student has been dropped off, a parent volunteer will direct families to drive around the side of school to the front parking lot. These “family cars” will be given priority graduation parking in the front of the school and family members will be allowed to wait outside their car to watch their graduate cross the stage in the Front Quad.
  • Senior Memory Walk Graduates will do a “memory walk” from the back of school down to the front of school.
  • Marks will be placed along the hallway in 15 foot increments to indicate an abundance of caution and maintain more than 6 feet of physical distance. 
  • Diploma Cover Hand-Off Graduates will walk the stage to pick up their diploma cover. This will be the traditional experience of a student having their name called and photo opportunity of them receiving their diploma. 
  • Diploma Pick-Up Graduates will then head to a diploma table to obtain their physical diploma as well as any other items (senior awards, senior panoramic pictures & senior gifts) and head immediately back to their family car.
  • Graduation Departure Students and their family members are expected to leave campus immediately after diploma pick up so the next batch of graduate family cars can park. 
  • Immediate Family Only Please remember this is a senior celebration and is for graduates and their immediate family/household only. Campus will be closed to the public, extended family, and friends.
Additional Information
  • Security AHS Staff and hired security, along with Lafayette PD will be present for the entire graduation ceremony to ensure the safety of our students, families, and adherence to county health orders. 
  • Professional Videographers AHS has hired private videographers to ensure quality production of the events.
  • Professional Graduation Photos Studio 1 will be providing traditional professional graduation pictures as students receive their diploma. You will receive an email 
  • Campus Timeline We estimate that students will be on campus and out of their cars for about 15 minutes.
  • Family & Friends Ceremony Viewing Graduates should tell friends and family to watch virtually 5 minutes before and up to 20 minutes after their scheduled walk time, allowing room for any delay of streaming service
  • Family Member Limits Please limit the number of immediate family members accompanying each graduate to one car and up to 4 people (5 including the graduate)
  • Face Masks are Essential Graduates and families should plan on wearing masks and keeping 6 feet of physical distance from others.
FAQ & Graduation Guidelines
What do graduates need to bring with them to the ceremony?
Graduates need to be wearing their graduation regalia (gown and mortarboard) and the graduate as well as all accompanied household members must be wearing a face mask. Graduates should also bring any unreturned textbooks and/or technology.
*Please note: This is a school sponsored event. All school rules and expectations apply. There will be gown checks prior to the memory walk. 
Where do graduates pick up their lei if they pre-purchased one?
Leis will be available at drop-off and check-in. Please refer to station “1” on the graduation map attached.
Where do graduates get dropped off?
Graduates will be dropped off behind auto shop, just past the tennis courts on the north side of campus. It is station “1” on the attached graduation map.
Where do parents/family members wait to watch graduates walk the stage after drop off?
Parents and family members (up to 4 individuals from 1 family unit) can watch from viewing areas located near the Main Quad flagpole. Each car will receive a special parking permit at check-in to park right by the viewing area. There will be security and volunteers to help direct flow of traffic and parking. Please refer to station “2” on the graduation map attached.
How many people are allowed to come watch graduates walk the stage?
Please limit the number of immediate family members accompanying each graduate to one car and up to 4 additional people (5 including the graduate).
Graduates that are “shelter in place” between two homes/families must have cars arrive at the same time and still adhere to the 4 total additional people. For any other extenuating circumstances, please contact AHS administration. 
Can other people/cars come and watch in person?
At this time, we must limit the number of physical attendees to only graduates and their immediate family/household members up to 5 total persons. Everyone is invited to watch online via the live streamed event.
Do families have to stay in their car?
No, family members will be allowed outside of cars in the designated viewing areas but must maintain safe physical distance between families and wear a face mask at all times.
How do graduates get their formal graduation picture?
Students and parents will receive an email with links to view and purchase formal graduation pictures from StudiobOne. Contact Studio One for more details or visit
How long can graduates stay after they walk the stage?
Graduates are to immediately return to their car and leave the school grounds after walking the stage and picking up their diploma. This is both to adhere to the health guidelines as well as maintain and effective flow of traffic for other families and graduates. Security and volunteers will help to enforce immediate departure.
Are masks required for the ceremony?
A mask is required at all times for everyone on campus except for graduates when they walk across the stage.
Do graduates have to stick to their scheduled time?
In order to limit the number of people on campus at one time in adherence to health guidelines, graduates are to arrive within 15 minutes of their scheduled walk times.
How do graduates obtain their actual diploma?
Graduates will just receive a diploma cover when walking the stage. They will then immediately go to the diploma table in front of the main office to pick up their actual diploma.
How do people watch the live-streamed ceremony?
The prerecorded speeches and live streamed ceremony will be available through the AUHSD Graduation Youtube page with the official link to be provided closer to the event. This will also be where the post production, edited graduation highlight video will be available to share.
What is the schedule for the entire graduation ceremony including senior speeches?
The welcome address as well as Principal Bell’s commencement address will start at 9:30AM. Graduates will start walking at 10:00AM. There will be a break around noon and will conclude at 3:30 with closing senior speeches and a unified “turning of the tassels” by 4:00PM.
How do I confirm the time that I should be arriving?
Graduates and families should check this link Graduation Walk Times for assigned walk times.
Will there be security at the event?
Yes. Both the Lafayette Police Department and additional hired security will be monitoring the entire event to ensure appropriate health regulations are being followed and that additional public don’t congregate on campus during the ceremony.
We look forward to a memorable Class of 2020 graduation ceremony!



If you missed Principal Bell’s Don’s Dialogue on Friday May 8th, you can find the recording here (minute 27) with details for the June 4 Class of 2020 GRADUATION!