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Bias Incident Reporting System


Campolindo strives to inspire and empower every student by fostering belonging, well-being and accountability in an equitable learning environment.  

- Campolindo High School Mission Statement, Adopted 2020


September 4, 2020


Dear Campolindo Community: 


If Campolindo is to be a place where ALL students feel a true sense of belonging, inspiration and empowerment, then we must work to ensure that all facets of the school environment are safe, both physically and emotionally.  Student voice, past and present, has highlighted the ongoing acts of bias that persist on a daily basis.  No student should ever have a school experience that makes them feel “less than” because of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their religion, or any other aspect of their identity that makes them uniquely who they are.  


The purpose of the racial equity lessons students are participating in during Monday Cohort is to build a shared understanding of race while learning to engage in productive, respectful conversations that value diverse perspectives.  These conversations are difficult and can often feel uncomfortable;  this discomfort is growth.  By engaging in these conversations, students and adults alike are building muscles, muscles of inspiration and empowerment. 


Student voice and action are critical components of empowerment.  Students should feel as though they have both a place to access support and/or the tools to address bias when it occurs.  The Bias Incident Reporting System is a tool for anyone to use to communicate an incident of bias. Bias is an inclination or preference, either for or against, an individual or a group that interferes with impartial judgement. This definition was reviewed with students during the first racial equity lesson in August and a list of helpful terms related to bias can be found on the AUHSD website.  Each school within the district has a Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) composed of an administrator, counselor, and teachers providing multiple perspectives when responding to incidents.  The purpose of BIRT is to listen, provide resources and support, and help all students to feel safe.  The AUHSD website provides a more detailed description of the system and the role of the team.  


The ultimate goal for Campolindo is to inspire and empower every student by fostering belonging, well-being and accountability in an equitable learning environment.  Imagine a school filled with kindness, compassion, empathy and understanding.  Through our use of the Bias Incident Reporting System we will  make progress towards this mission.  



Laura Lee

Associate Principal 

Campolindo High School