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Campolindo will be holding the August 26th, November 4th, March 9th and June 1st SATs,  

Registration will be through College Board SAT Registration or 866-756-7346 or 1-212-713-7789.

Please register early to reserve your spot at Campolindo.  Seating is limited.


Saturday, August 26th – Registration closed on 7/28/23 

Saturday, November 4th – Registration deadline 10/5/23 (late registration until 10/24/23)

Saturday, March 9th  – Registration deadline 2/23/24 (late registration until 2/27/24)  

Saturday, June 1st  – Registration deadline 5/16/24 (late registration until 5/21/24)  


Please email Mary Kenny for information on additional seating for the upcoming March 9th SAT.
On test day, arrive by 7:45AM and remember to bring your device if required (all testing beginning in 2024) your ID, your SAT admission ticket, calculator and #2 pencils (no pens or mechanical pencils).  Room assignments will be posted on the counseling office windows.