• Weekly Assignments Requirements

    ACIS offers flexibility within the student’s weekly schedule, that differs from a traditional high school program.  


    Students enrolled in ACIS agree to participate in a program that will require a minimum amount of hours of assigned school work per week and attendance in hour to hour and a half classes each week (science classes are two, two hour classes each week).  At these weekly classes, students receive direct instruction while having their work reviewed, assessed, and discuss the homework and assignments for the next week.  


    Students are expected to attend every class and have their weekly homework completed

    The student is expected to complete a minimum of 5 hours of work each week for each class enrolled.  Students must complete a minimum of 90 hours of homework to earn 5 credits and a minimum of 180 hours to earn 10 credits in a class. 


    Students should complete a semester class in approximately 18 weeks.


    ACIS also offers online courses to supplement the master schedule. The same credits and hours apply with the opportunity to accelerate. 


    A sample Weekly Assignment and Work Record Form is given by the instructor and may be found here.