• Title IX 


    Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a Federal Civil Rights law that prohibits sex discrimination in educational programs, athletic programs, or activities that receive federal funding.


    When a school receives a report of sexual harassment, misconduct or assault, the following procedures may be used:


    1. Parents or students should make a report to the site administration. They can do this through the bias reporting system or by directly contacting school administration. Site administration will follow up and let parents know of resolution. 


    2. Uniform complaint: used to resolve complaints of sexual harassment, discrimination, and failure to comply with federal programs.  If the site cannot resolve the concerns to the satisfaction of the parties, parents can file a uniform complaint. This will elevate the complaint to the District. 


            a. To file a uniform complaint, please fill out THIS FORM


            b. A uniform complaint for sexual harassment or sex discrimination may trigger a Title IX investigation. 


    3. The Title IX investigation process is used for certain instances of sexual harassment and sex discrimination. It is used in some cases of sexual assault, dating violence or sexual misconduct. 


         a. Sexual assault allegations will always be reported to local police for investigation. 


         b. For a Title IX investigation, allegations of sexual harassment must meet the revised 2020 Federal standard definition: "Conduct so severe, pervasive and objectively offensive that it effectively denies a

             person equal access to the school’s education program or activity."


    4. Who can report? 

               1. Any person can report sex discrimination, sexual harassment or assault. 

               2. Reports can be made by mail, telephone, or email or in person by appointment. 

               3. Reports can be made to any school administrator or to the Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services 


    5.  The Title IX Coordinator oversees and leads investigation and compliance procedures. 

          a. The Title IX coordinator is the Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services


    6. Care for students who report sexual harassment or assault is a priority. Supportive measures for students will be offered through the site wellness center and counseling offices.