• Work Permit Application Process



    Note: Work permits are issued by the student's school during the school year.  Please visit your school website for instructions on how to obtain a work permit during the school year.  


    If applying for a work permit during the summer, please follow the steps below:


    1. After obtaining an offer of employment, download the California Work Permit application.
    2. Fill out the student information section and sign it; then have parent/guardian as well as the employer fill out and sign their respective sections.
    3. Scan the work permit application and send it to your school staff -
      • ACIS - Cheryl Stanton (cstanton@auhsdschools.org)
      • AHS - Maria Vansteen (mvansteen@auhsdschools.org)
      • CHS - Stephanie Sliwinski (ssliwinski@auhsdschools.org)
      • LLHS - Raquel Ramos (rramos@auhsdschools.org)
      • MHS - Danielle Warford (dwarford@auhsdschools.org)


    Once your work permit application has been processed, you will be notified and can pick it up at the AUHSD District Office.