•  Bias Incident Reporting System 


    The Bias Incident Reporting System is part of AUHSD's effort to promote safe enviromments where all students can learn.  


    The Bias Incident Teams at each site are responsible for: 

    1. Working together to respond to incidents of Bias at every school site. Teams have administrators, counselors and teachers. 
    2. Recommending appropriate actions that are both preventative and responsive. 
    3. Ensuring multiple perspectives are held when discussing incidents. 
    4. Collecting and sharing data monthly with staff, student and parent groups while ensuring confidentiality and student privacy. 
    5. Monitoring campus climate and recommending changes, training, or school wide curriculum around a particular issue. 
    6. Educating students around issues of bias. Here are some helpful definitions


    What does the Bias Incident Team do? 

    1. Assist students who report incidents. Students can report anonymously;  but for those who do not, we support them by listening to their experiences, discussing the resources available to them and options for  follow up and restorative conversations. 
    2. We keep records of incidences so we can monitor student climate and recommend improvement areas and actions. 
    3. We promote conversation about bias, diversity and equity issues on campus. 


    How do I report? 

    Click HERE to make a Bias Report for any school site in the District. 


    What is the difference between the Sandy Hook Say Something Anonymous Reporting System and the Bias Incident Reporting system? 

    The Sandy Hook Say Something Anonymous Reporting System is a tool students have to report a life/safety situation - a student who is in immediate danger from a mental health crisis or a student who is feared to be a safety threat. Students who report in the app are connected to a national crisis center. The report is routed to police departments and school administration for immediate follow up. 


    The Bias Incident Reporting System is for students to report incidents of harm - acts of racism, bias, sexism, microaggressions, etc. It is not to be used if a student is in physical danger or in a mental health crisis. It's an internal form created for our use in AUHSD.


    What we are NOT: 

    1. We are not a crisis response team. Students in immediate danger of harm or in crisis should use the Sandy Hook Say Something App or contact their wellness center immediately.  
    2. We are not the thought or speech police. We do not tell people how to think or talk. We listen, provide resources and support and help all students feel safe. 
    3. We are not a disciplinary body. We do not mete out punishment. If a case needs to be followed up with student discipline, we refer the case to the administration for follow up. 


    What happens when I make a report? 

    Click here to view our reporting procedures.