Resources for Homeless Families


    Families who are unhoused will be assisted in AUHSD.  All administrators and counselors receive training on how to help families who lack housing and ensure that students are provided all necessary resources at school. Families who lack residency documents should speak to a school administrator upon enrollment. Students have the right to: 


    1. Immediate enrollment and scheduling of classes. 


    2. Access to all needed resources for classes: books and class materials, PE clothing, a chromebook or laptop will be provided. 


    3. Should a family lack access to the internet, a hotspot will be provided for your child to do schoolwork. 


    4. Students will receive a free ASB card to participate in school activities. 


    In AUHSD, we are here for you! Please let us know how we can assist you and your child with any needs that you have.  


    Parent Information and Rights 


    The District's Homeless Student Liaisions are: 


    Amy McNamara, Associate Superintendent 

    Contact info:

    925-280-3900 x 6623


    Stephanie Thompson, Administrative Assistant in Student Services

    Contact info: 

    925-280-3900 x 6629