•  Mandated Reporting 

     All AUHSD employees are mandated reporters and must report any suspected child abuse to the proper authorities.  Reporting the suspected abuse to a supervisor or to an administrator is not enough: reports must be made by the employee to Children and Family Services and law enforcement. Reports must be made even if school is out of session or the suspicious acts occurred off-site. You must report abuse by anyone (in the home, out of the home, by a caregiver, teacher, coach, counselor, pastor, etc). 

    Step One:
    • Report Abuse by calling Children Youth and Families Services (CFS) at 1-877-881-1116
    • Report Abuse to your local law enforcement agency
    Step Two: 
    Step Three: 
    • Notify your site administrators and/or Administrative services. It is highly recommended that you provide them a copy of your report. 
    • If you wish to remain anonymous, please remove your identifying information and then provide a copy of the report to your administrator. 
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