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     John Nickerson, Ed. D. Superintendent

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    Welcome to the Acalanes Union High School District!


    It is my privilege to lead the Acalanes Union High School District staff in its commitment to provide the absolute highest quality high school education for ALL students. We value relevant and stimulating college and career prep curriculum, rich extra- and co-curricular opportunities, and strong support services, and creating a school culture that promotes a strong sense of belonging in order for each student to have the optimal high school experience. We find ourselves in a challenging time in high school education as we prioritize wellness support for our students, bridging achievement following the interruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, reconnecting students to learning and prioritizing authentic academic engagement in the classroom. All our efforts center on our goal to close the opportunity gap so we meet the needs of all students and support them to achieve at very high levels. 


    The District offers incredible opportunities for approximately 5500 students at its five high schools:  Acalanes High School, Campolindo High School, Las Lomas High School, Miramonte High School, and the Acalanes Center for Independent Study. Each school is undergoing a self-study and an accreditation review in 2023 with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the accreditation body for all California schools. All schools are coming off the highest accreditation term, a reflection of the unwavering commitment towards strategic and continuous improvement at all of our high school sites.    


    The District continues to provide exceptional opportunities for the adult community through the Acalanes Adult Education Center. Well in excess of 4500 adults are anticipated to benefit from the Center’s programming in the 2022-2023 school year.


    Our comprehensive high schools are in the midst of tremendous reform of systems, structures and instructional delivery to better support student learning and experience.The curriculum continues to evolve to best meet student interest, support college/career readiness, and challenge all students with rigor and relevance (Course Catalog). Wellness Centers at each school site support student general high school experience, sense of inclusion and belonging, and mental health. We implemented a new school day schedule several years ago that includes longer instructional blocks, time for targeted intervention, support, seminars and enrichment, and expanded teacher collaboration time. The school day schedule was shifted this year to include a later start time of 8:30.The District has prioritized efforts towards equity and to provide access and opportunity for ALL students.


    The District adopted its ninth Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) on June 8, 2022.  The three-year plan addresses State and District priorities through actions to address the following four goals:


    1. Further develop and implement high quality programs and educational opportunities for students to attain college and career readiness

    (High quality programs)

    1. Develop programs and opportunities to promote access and achievement for all students in relevant and engaging curriculum and programs

    (Access and Equity)

    1. Provide safe, engaging and inclusive school sites and classrooms that address the social-emotional needs of all students

    (School climate and Social-emotional development)

    1. Recruit, develop and retain high quality certificated, classified and administrative staff

    (High quality staff)


    All of these efforts are possible due to tremendous community support for the Acalanes Union High School District.  Local parcel taxes provide an essential revenue stream to maintain high quality programs. Education foundation and parent club support enable expansive elective programs, support services and enriching educational opportunities. State funding in the Acalanes Union High School District is simply inadequate for high-quality schools. Local support enables our schools to offer the educational opportunities available to our students.


    Thank you for your support as together “We educate every student to excel and contribute in a global society.”




    John Nickerson, Superintendent