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Meet Our Staff

First Name Last Name Department Room Number Email Address Voice Mail Extension (925-280-3950 ext. XXXX) Position
Alison Adams Physical Education Gym 5234 Teacher
Ray Albiento Physical Education B9 5218 Teacher - Athletic Trainer
Michelle Alessandria Special Education B13 5361 Teacher
Bear Begelman Career Technology Education A8 5364 Teacher
Diane Bessette Social Studies 5344 Teacher
David Blumberg World Languages C12 5132 Teacher, Department Chairperson
Steve Boone Career Technology Education Tech 3 5232 Teacher
Matt Bostick Social Studies F4 5158 Teacher
Ryan Boyd Social Studies E10 5372 Teacher
Scott Brady-Smith English D7 5141 Teacher
Caron Brownlee Social Studies F6 5159 Teacher
Jay Chugh Science G1 5347 Teacher
Lola Danielli World Languages C7 5127 Teacher
Leticia Del Toro-Gasquy World Languages C5 5157 Teacher
Bill Doherty Mathematics B12 5115 Teacher, Technology Coordinator, Webmaster
Jamie Donohoe English MU1 5121 Teacher
Jamie Donohoe Visual and Performing Arts CPAC 5121 Teacher
Dan Doyle English F3 5151 Teacher
Tom Duffy English E11 5150 Teacher, Department Chairperson
Don Dupont Career Technology Education Tech 1 5162 Teacher, Department Chairperson
Ron Dygert Physical Education Gym 5298 Teacher
Rachel Eaton Science D6 5140 Teacher
Kingsley Frazier Special Education B7 5374 Teacher
Jennifer Frugaletti Mathematics C1 5119 Teacher
Rene Gillibert Science G4 5168 Teacher  
Anne Hebert English E7 5147 Teacher
Lisa Herzig Social Studies E6 5362 Teacher, Department Chairperson
Jessica Hoffschneider Special Education B5 5363 Teacher, Department Chair, Coach
Shih-Min Holland World Languages B9 3588 Teacher
Ken Ingersoll Mathematics C2 5122 Teacher
Roxanna Jackman Science G2 5167 Teacher
Johnny Johnson Visual and Performing Arts MU 5231 Teacher
Tren Kauzer Science D1 5166 Teacher
Jane Kelson Science D5 5139 Teacher
Molly Kerr Social Studies F5 5160 Teacher
Anu Kuefner Mathematics B10 5357 Teacher
Jill Langston Visual and Performing Arts D2 5229 Teacher, Department Chairperson
Kevin Macy Mathematics A10 5163 Teacher, Coach
Nita Madra Mathematics D9 5143 Teacher
Concha Martinez World Languages C13 5133 Teacher, Cheerleading Advisor
Tina Mayer English D8 5142 Teacher
Chris McNevin English C11 5131 Teacher
Kristen Michael Special Education B4 5383 Teacher
Dagmar Ortman Mathematics F1 5155 Teacher
Carol Paymer Mathematics A8 5118 Teacher
Carol Paymer Social Studies B3 5118 Teacher
Petro Petreas Mathematics B11 5355 Teacher, Coach, Department Chairperson
Dino Petrocco Social Studies E9 5156 Teacher, Leadership Advisor
Charla Powell English C8 5128 Teacher
Tom Renno Social Studies E8 5368 Teacher, Coach, Athletic Director
Mark Roberts Visual and Performing Arts MU 5381 Teacher
Nick Schoen Mathematics A11 5154 Teacher
Tom Schumann Mathematics C4 5124 Teacher
Evan Sebree Special Education B1 5227 Teacher
Justin Seligman Visual and Performing Arts Tech 2 5136 Teacher, Sound Technician
Collette Sweeney Visual and Performing Arts B6 5371 Teacher
Charlotte Taylor World Languages C6 5126 Teacher
Jacqueline Tong English 5384 Teacher
Paul Verbanszky Social Studies A9 5146 Teacher, Academic Decathlon Coach
Stephanie Verbanszky Science G4 5367 Teacher
Chris Walsh Physical Education Gym 5237 Teacher, Department Chairperson
Nathan Ward English C10 5130 Teacher
Betty Watson Science D11 5145 Teacher
Lindsay Webb-Peploe Social Studies F2 5344 Teacher
Patrick Wildermuth Science D10 5144 Teacher, Department Chairperson
Ed Willy World Languages C14 5134 Teacher
Chuck Woolridge English E12, E13 5359 Teacher, Journalism Advisor, Coach