Athletic Physical Education



    Acalanes Union High School District requires each student to complete two years (20 credits) of Physical Education (PE) to obtain a high school diploma. Up to 10 credits, of the 20 required for graduation, may be earned through Athletic PE. Athletic PE is for highly organized, independent, and responsible students and is solely initiated and maintained by the student throughout the season of sport. The designated PE teacher will monitor progress and completion of participation hours.


    To be eligible to participate in Athletic PE in 2024-2025 students must:

    • Complete PE 9
    • Complete all required components of the Physical Fitness Test (PFT)
    • Be enrolled in grade 10 or 11 (this option is not open to grade 12 students)
    To obtain credits, eligible students must:
    • Participate in the CIF approved (school sponsored) sport. Each season of sport counts for 5 credits.
    • Have an approved Athletic PE Contract/Application
    • Complete weekly time cards recording hours spent on athletic activities. 70 hours must be completed to obtain 5 credits. 
    • Complete the season of sport

    Required Forms for Athletic PE:


    Contract and Application Form

    Weekly Athletic PE Timecard


    2024-2025 Contract Deadlines:

    • Fall Sports - Friday, August 30, 2024
    • Winter Sports - Friday, November 22, 2024
    • Spring Sports - Friday, February 28, 2025


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