• AUHSD Independent Study Program (2021-2022) 


    All AUHSD comprehensive school sites (AHS, CHS, LLHS, MHS) will be open in-person and will follow the AUHSD Block Bell Schedule in the Fall of 2021. Students who may have an underlying health condition or whose health would be put at risk by in-person instruction, may request to attend the Acalanes Center for Independent Study.



    Independent Study Organization


    Independent Study is an optional, alternative educational program open to all AUHSD students.  Program is individualized based on student needs. 

    Students may attend in person, traditional independent study or take online courses.


    Key Features

    In-Person Independent Study

    • Each student has an individualized Independent Study Learning Agreement outlining expectations of the student participation in the program.
    • Students attend in-person classes one or two days a week. Frequency of class time is specified in the learning agreement.
    • Direct instruction and academic support is provided during class time.
    • Students are given weekly assignments.
    • Students who fail to submit weekly assignments or attend classes will be evaluated for return to comprehensive school site.
    • Mental health support and counseling is available on ACIS campus.

    Independent Study Online Program

    • ACIS offers selective number of online courses through FuelEducation, online program.
    • Online courses are A-G approved.
    • Students meet with their supervising teacher at least once a week. Meetings are held virtually or in-person.
  • Independent Study Enrollment


    AUHSD Independent Study program is available to all AUHSD students as an optional, alternative education program.


    Students may be enrolled at ACIS full time (all classes through independent study) or be part of concurrent enrollment (enrolled at ACIS and a comprehensive school site.)


    Students enrolled at ACIS may at any time request to return to a comprehensive school site. A transition plan to return to comprehensive site will be implemented within five instructional days. While students will return to a comprehensive school site, they may not return to their home school site or their original courses due to space limitations.


    Parents or guardians requesting enrollment to ACIS may request a conference to understand the program and the learning agreement.


    If you are interested in attending ACIS please contact the Coordinator of ACIS, Jon Drury.