• English Learner (EL) Program


    Our mission is to create equitable, coherent, and sustainable systems of English learner services; develop equity-driven processes to build capacity for delivering research-based programs and practices that leverage English learner students' assets and address their specific needs; establish effective family-community engagement systems to foster collaborative partnerships; and implement a local accountability model that ensures English learner students' success.  Acalanes Union High School District is committed to providing English learners with a high-quality structured English immersion program designed to teach English learners the necessary English language skills needed to succeed academically in English-only classrooms. The goal of structured English immersion is to help students become fluent in English, while also providing them with access to high-quality education.


    District English Learner Advisory Committee


    Acalanes Union High School District has an established District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC). The committee of parents and staff members advises the District regarding program offerings, students monitoring, budget, reclassification and support for the AUHSD English learners.


    Master Plan for English Language Learners


    On May 17, 2023 the Governing Board adopted the AUHSD Master Plan for English Learners. The AUHSD English learner Master Plan (ELMP) serves as a commitment to ensuring the District educates every English learner to excel and contribute to a global society. The purpose of the ELMP is to provide guidance and direction to administrators, teachers, support staff, and families on the options and expectations for English learners in the district. This plan serves as a practical guide for all staff to ensure that consistent, coherent services are provided to every English learner in the District. Our imperative is to continuously improve the services and outcomes for English learners. 


    English Learner Master Plan


    Title III Funding

    AUHSD recieved federal Title III funding. The budget is developed annually and the funds are spent to support AUHSD English Learners.