Graduation Requirements



    Acalanes Union High School District requires each student to earn 240 credits to otbain a diploma from a comprehensive high school. Credits are granted on a semester basis (5 credits per semester, per class). Graduation requirements are different and 205 credits are required to obtain a diploma from the Acalanes Center for Independent Study. 

    The table below outlines AUHSD graduation requirements. 
    To provide additional information and answer questions related to particular graduation  requirements please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Graduation Requirements page
    Students should contact their counselor with questions concerning course selection and planning.  It is important to note that below are the AUHSD graduation requirements. Colleges and universities have specific college entrance requirements. Please visit your College and Career Center, counselor, or AUHSD Course Catalog  for additional information regarding the entrance requirements.
    Additionally, following are links to the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) admissions information. 

    AUHSD Graduation Requirements


    Class of 2020 and Class 2021


    Course Requirements





    Course must be a grade level English course





    Students must pass the equivalent of two semesters of a course of study beyond Algebra 1. Up to 10 credits may be obtained by successfully completing a computer science course.





    Courses of study must include one year of biological and one year of physical science.




    Social Studies

    World History (10), US History (10), US Government (5), Economics (5)




    Visual and Performing Arts

    One year of visual or performing arts course of study.




    Breadth Requirement

    20 Credits taken in any of the following areas: World Language, American Sign Language, or Career Technical Education.




    Physical Education

    Course of study must include one year of PE 9. A maximum of 10 credits may be earned in external PE programs, i.e. activities conducted outside the hours of the regular school day.





    One semester of course of study in Health.




    Elective Courses




    Total Credits