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In the Spotlight

  • Students in Jill Langston’s art program spent a month crafting their projects, miniature versions of famous buildings or houses.

    “It was really fun walking around and seeing all the displays,” said visiting parent Caryl Fass.

    Fass’ daughter, senior Sarah Fass, also participated in the World Art Project. “I like seeing my daughter and other kids show their creativity through different art forms,” added Fass.

    After the previous 2 years of extensive art installations at Open House, Langston was considering forgoing any student displays outside of her classroom this time around. She decided to continue the tradition after a conversation with the principal. “When I talked to Mr. Walker he was really disappointed because he thought people really liked the Light project, and that it changes the whole feel of the Open house. So, he asked us to consider doing something that might be a little bit easier,” Langston explained.

    Langston chose the international theme of the project in order to “get the word out” about the semester-long World Art course that will be offered for the 1st time next year.

    In addition to the installations around campus, Langston also included the Mehndi Project during the Open House event. Art students not involved in the campus-wide installations provided Henna tattoos to current students and visiting 8 graders. “That project just took off like wildfire. All my Art 1 students got really good at their designing. This room was jam packed with students from Campo and 8 graders. I was thrilled!” Langston said.

    In retrospect, Langston was pleased with the installations her students provided for this year’s Open House. “I was really nervous about how they would look because we went so big and so grand the year before. I think they worked really well, and they were so different than they were before. I thought my students did a great job on them. It turned out as a really good project,” she said.

    “It’s a great opportunity for families that live in our school district to come and get excited about our school. They can see all of our programs, our amazing teachers, and meet some of our impressive students. Everything positive that is positive about Campo they [upcoming students] can see first hand,” said Associate Principal Jonathan Drury.

    ~Article published in La Puma, February 14, 2017

    Here is what we work on every day at Campolindo High School - our "Student Learning Outcomes":


    #1: Students will develop core knowledge based on standards.


    #2: Students will explore broad-based opportunities, including career and educational pursuits.


    #3: Students will demonstrate creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.


    #4: Students will develop characteristics that foster empathy, tolerance, personal growth, and positive citizenship.


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