Attendance Procedures


    Attendance Recorder: (925) 280-3953 or campattendrecgbx@auhsdschools.org


    • Students must sign in and out in the Attendance Office whenever coming to or leaving campus during the school day for any reason. Be sure to sign in if late for school.

    • Parents must call or email the recorder to clear an absence.

    • Students leaving for appointments during school time must:
      1. Have a parent call/email the recorder prior to the time of the appointment.
      2. Have an Off Campus Pass to leave the classroom.

    3. Sign in/out at the Attendance Office using the QR Code.

    4. Sign in if returning the same day.

    • Students coming to school late must:
      1. Sign in at the Attendance Office using the QR Code.
      2. Receive a Late Pass and show it to the teacher at the classroom.

    • A student who becomes ill is encouraged to go to the Nurse's Office and arrangements will be made for the student to go home.

    • If a student misses one or more days of school due to illness or medical/dental procedures, it is recommended to bring a medical note.