• For a comprehensive website to navigate the college planning process, click this link:  College & Career 101.





    Seniors are welcome to attend regardless of the application type.  Sign up in Teachmore.

    • Nov. 14:  UC application help
    • Nov. 16:  Any college application help
    • Nov. 28:  Any college application help



    Students:  take advantage of this opportunity to meet with the College & Career Advisor to answer any questions you may have.  Signup in Teachmore.

    •        Juniors:            Nov. 30
    •        Sophomores:    Dec. 5
    •        Freshmen:        Dec. 12







    The College Center will continue to provide help to Seniors during Academy Periods through the remainder of the college application season. 


    Use the following links to navigate through the college application process. 


    Senior Checklist

    Senior's Guide to Naviance

    Sending test scores

    College essay tips

    Financial Aid overview and forms

    Apply to college

    College & Career 101


    Accuracy in Naviance

    It is very important that Seniors ensure that all of the information in the Naviance dashboard for "Colleges I'm applying to" is accurate for each school.  Our teachers, counselors, and administration use this information to perform their duties relative to your application in a timely manner, such as submitting letters of recommendation, counselors reports, and transcripts.  Take a look at the following information for each college and ensure it is correct for your particular situation, and update it as necessary as soon as possible.  Inaccurate information could lead to a delay in your application.


    -  Type (Are you applying regular decision, early action, early decision?)

    -  Submission type (Are you using a school's application, Common App, Coalition App?)

    - Application (What is the status of your application: submitted, pending?)


    Teacher email address:

    If you need to enter your teacher's email address anywhere in your application (ex: letter of recommendation), check with your teacher to ensure you are using the correct email address.  Our school district started using new email addresses a year ago, but some teachers continue to use their own address.


    Send Test scores NOW:

    Send your test scores.  Check here for a list of colleges that allow self-reporting, and therefore do not require you to send scores.


    Order Transcripts NOW:

    Order your transcripts in Naviance and pay for them in the webstore.  Be sure to update the quantity in the webstore. Note: UCs and CSUs do NOT need transcripts.


    Complete Student Statement/Parent Brag Sheet/Teacher Survey NOW:

    If your schools require a letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor, be sure to complete these items as soon as possible.  Your counselor and teacher need this information well in advance to complete your letter in time for your deadlines.


    Complete financial aid forms NOW:

    If you will require financial aid in college, be sure to submit the financial aid forms at the same time as your college applications. The FAFSA forms are used by colleges for Federal Student Aid.  The CSS Profile is the financial aid form used by many private colleges and scholarship programs. Determine which form(s) you'll need. Click here for more information and to learn which schools use the CSS Profile: Financial Aid.


    Info for college applications:

    Please note that some applications ask for the following information:

    ·  Number of students in your graduating class -- about 340

    ·  Your high school ranking -- AUHSD does not rank





    The College & Career Center works hard all year to help students and families.  In the Fall we are extremely busy helping Seniors navigate the college application process.  After January, we schedule time to meet with every student in grade-level groups to discuss college and career planning.  In the meantime, I am happy to meet with you, but be mindful that my top priority now is Seniors and my schedule is very full until January when college applications are done.  
    Joan Batcheller
    College & Career Advisor
    College Career Center - E13
    Please do not leave phone messages. Emailing works best for me!
    Joan Batcheller


    Please contact me via email at jbatcheller@auhsdschools.org.  I am usually busy meeting with students or families, so I cannot easily answer my phone.  Please understand that it may take some time to get back to you. Thank you for your patience.   


    The College & Career Center, room E13, is an information resource center of Campolindo’s Counseling Office.  Please feel free to email me to set up a 20 minute appointment to discuss the college application process.  Students and parents are welcome to visit and are encouraged to use the many resources of the Center, some of which can be checked out for home use. These include information on the following: Colleges and universities, college-related guides and selection information, career information, financial aid and scholarships, testing information, community service opportunities, job listings.