Welcome to the Special Education Department!

  • The Special Education prides itself in ensuring that all students are successful at Campolindo High School.

SPED Courses

  • Learning Skills/ Instructional Support Program
    Course Description Learning Skills is designed to assist students to successfully meet the goals of their Individualized Educational Program (IEP). Students with disabilities require supports and accommodations to have meaningful access to certain standards in both instruction and assessment, based on their communication and academic needs. These supports and accommodations facilitate students access to general education curriculum and develop the skills necessary to meet their individual post secondary transition goals.

    Learning Skills objectives, overarching goals, learning outcomes:
    During this course, the students will work towards: 1. Addressing and meeting their IEP goals 2. Increasing their overall organizational skills 3. Developing self advocacy and awareness of disability 4. Developing communication skills 5. Developing transition plan to meet post secondary goals; Individual Transition Plan (ITP) 6. Developing study skills to access the curriculum 7. Utilizing technology appropriately


    Learning Skills/ Instructional Support Program - Fusion Reading

    To provide specialized academic reading instruction to students two or more grade levels behind and to create lifelong readers.


    “Fusion Reading is a comprehensive, research-based reading intervention program for students in grades 6-12. The flexible, multi-year program provides struggling adolescent students the skills they need to quickly become fluent, competent, and confident readers. Students learn to read award-winning books that are relevant to their lives and the problems they face.” (McGraw Hill Education)

    Counseling Enriched Program (CEP)

    The Acalanes District Counseling Enriched Program (CEP) is one component of the continuum of educational services offered by the Acalanes Union High School District Special Education Department. The program is a collaborative effort to provide appropriate academic and mental health support services for students eligible for special education. The Counseling Enriched Program is designed to assist students to successfully make progress on the goals in their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Students in the CEP may require supports, accommodations and counseling services to have meaningful access to standards in both instruction and assessment, based on their individual social/emotional and/or academic needs.