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Meet Our Staff
Support Staff
First Name Last Name
and Email Link
Department Room
Voice Mail Extension
(925-280-3950 ext. XXXX)
Ray Albiento Career Technical Education B9 5218 Teacher - Athletic Trainer
Joan Batcheller Counseling Career Center 5239 Career Center Advisor
Cathleen Cooper Clerical Attendance Office 5107 Attendance & Health Assistant
Carolyn Daughton Clerical Main Office 5102 Principal's Secretary
Bill Doherty Mathematics B12 5115 Teacher, Technology Coordinator, Webmaster
Vicki Erlan Classified Library 5149 Study Hall Proctor
Sue Frederich Classified Attendance Office 5173 Campus Supervisor
Shelley Green Cafeteria Cafeteria Senior Food Service Assistant
Shelly Hadley Clerical Main Office 5103 Bookkeeper
Cameron Kauzer Special Education B5 5224 Instructional Assistant
Brendan Kearney Technology A13 5369 Lab Assistant
Mary Kenny-Broda Counseling Counseling 5186 Testing Coordinator
Max Luckhurst Special Education A13 5245 Instructional Assistant
Drew Luk Technology Server Room 5255 Network Technician
Sarah Morgan Library Library 5221 Librarian
Andrew Morris Soda Center Soda Center 5252 Soda Center Manager
Ranie Pearce Special Education B7 5117 Instructional Assistant
Barbara Polanger Health Nurse's Office 5114 Nurse
Deanna Rauch Counseling Counseling Office 5191 Registrar
Tom Renno Athletics E8 5368 Teacher, Coach, Athletic Director
Carol Ries Library Library 5222 Library Assistant
Lynne Smith Special Education B4 5262 Instructional Assistant
Lisa Triggas Library Library 5222 Library Assistant
Federico Verduzco Custodial Main Office 5250 Head Custodian
Jaylene Watson Attendance Office Attendance Office 5100 Attendance Technician
Amy Woo Cafeteria Cafeteria 5229 Cafeteria Manager