• Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

    Graduates will be self-directed learners that take responsibility for reaching their personal and academic goals. ACIS students:


    1.      Are effective decision makers.

    ·         To make decisions based upon prior learning.

    ·         To identify, choose and use behaviors that increase student academic success.


    2.      Are able to set goals and implement plans effectively to reach those goals.

    ·         To participate and choose classes for their Individualized Learning.

    ·         Plan that meets the district’s graduation requirements.

    ·         To plan for post-secondary education and/or careers.


    3.      Are effective problem-solvers.

    ·         To use a variety of problem solving techniques.

    ·         To work collaboratively with others.


    4.      Are effective communicators.

    ·         To utilize appropriate technology.

    ·         To read, speak and write with clarity.


    5.      Acquire a common core of academic knowledge and skills that meets the state content and skill standards.

    ·         To complete the credits necessary for graduation.

    ·         To demonstrate proficiency in Smarter Balanced Assessment.