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Las Lomas Online Registration

There are three steps for completing the online portion of registration prior to the start of the 2015/2016 school year. Please make sure to follow the links and complete each section. Bring printouts of receipts and final forms to TRI-S.



 Step 1: Online registration pages

This year a few new functions have been added.  When you log into the K12 Online registration system you may be asked a few questions. Please make sure to read all of the information on the front page of the Las Lomas Online Registration that you will be linked to below.


 Documents you will need for Online Registration:


  • Registration Letter: this was mailed to your home and contains your access code. (if you have lost or did not receive your code, instructions for obtaining the information are on the main Registration page).
  • Medical Information: Health Insurance provider and numbers, physician's information, and other important medical documents.
  • Emergency Contacts: addresses and phone numbers for Parents/Guardians and other emergency contacts you will include.
  • When you are done close the registration page and return here to go to step two.


 Online Registration



Step 2: Webstore- purchase items and make any donations for the school year.


Please follow the link below that will connect you to the Las Lomas Web store.  Here you can pay for registration; order school supplies and donate to various foundations (Special thanks to WCEF for their support of technology and programs through out Las Lomas, your donations continue to keep Las Lomas on the cutting edge of our ever changing technological world and keep beneficial programs running!)


Step 2: Web Store


When you are finished, return here to begin step three. 




Step 3: Residency Verification


The final step is to complete residency verification and make sure you have everything you need for TRI-S. Residency verification information may be found on the Acalanes District Website: Residency Verification Information Page . You need to provide documents for residency verification, please make sure to bring one piece of evidence from each of the two sections.


 Residency Verification:


Dates:   August 5th through August 17th

Where:   Las Lomas High School Attendance Office

Times:   7:30 am to 2:30 pm, one evening time on August 11th from 5:00 to 7:30pm.


Please make sure you bring all of the following to TRI-S August 18th:


  • Print out of the On-Line Registration form: Make sure you have printed out one for each of your students enrolled at Las Lomas High School. (if you forgot to print it out please follow this link and log-in again and print out the form….Online Registation)
  • Web-store Receipt: please make sure you printed out your Web-store receipt. (if you forgot to print it out please follow this link Web-Store and log-in again and print out the receipt)
  • Residency verification form: You will be given this after you have gone to Las Lomas High school during residency verification hours and provided the necessary three forms for, proof of residency. Residency Verification  Information




Picture Reminder: Remember that if you have decided to purchase photos of your student, to you have your student dress appropriately. (To order pictures you may follow this link: Order Pictures It is strongly encouraged that you purchase photos ahead of time/online, if you wish to do so, in order to save yourself time at TRI-S.



Dates Reminder:

Residency Verification: August 5th through August 17th from 7:30 to 2:30 pm at Las Lomas High School. One evening is available Tuesday, August 11th, 5:00 to 7:30pm.

Tri-S: August 18th from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, for all students, at Las Lomas High School.