• Residency Verification


    The Acalanes Union High School District requires verification of residency on an annual basis.  Before your student is issued a class schedule, you must establish residency within the attendance boundaries of the school in which your student will register.


    Residency verification begins on July 29, 2024 and must be completed before walk-through mascot day on Aug 12, 2024.  


    Students attending AUHSD through an Interdistrict transfer, please provide your approval letter for the 2024-25 school year as your "residency document".


    To establish student(s) residence, the parent/legal guardian must supply two (2) types of documentation (ONE from each group below showing name and residence address):

  • Group 1


    Provide ONE document from the list below (must contain parent/guardian name and address):

    • Current Rental/Lease Agreement WITH the following:
      • Parent/Guardian name(s)
      • Manager or Owner name & phone number
      • Verification of OCCUPANCY FOR 2024-2025 SCHOOL YEAR
      • Does NOT include rented portions of a house or apartment or agreements formulated by relatives.
    • Current Property Tax Bill (on line copies NOT accepted)
    • Current Homeowner's or Renter's Insurance Policy or Declarations (not a bill/statement)


  • Group 2


    Provide ONE document from the list below:

    • Current State or Federal Tax Returns WITH W-2 or 1099 attached
    • Current Payroll Check Stub WITH name & address (not a personal check)
    • Current dated correspondence from an official government agency not used in Group 1:
      • IRS/Social Security/Child Support/Foster Care
      • Voter Registration/Polling information (if recent reg. in CA)
      • Jury Summons/Subpoena
      • ANY Current Document from Federal, State, or County agency EXCLUDING DMV
  • The District has no desire to see personal information such as amount of earnings, taxes or social security numbers. It is preferred that such items be inked out.    


    NOTE: If you cannot supply one item from each group above, you must contact the District Office as your first step. Call Student Services at (925) 280-3900, ext. 6629.