• Residency Verification


    The Acalanes Union High School District requires verification of residency on an annual basis.  Before your student is issued a class schedule, you must establish residency within the attendance boundaries of the school in which your student will register.


    To establish student(s) residence, the parent/legal guardian must supply two (2) types of documentation (ONE from each group below showing name and residence address):

  • Group 1


    Provide ONE document from the list below (must contain parent/guardian name and address):

    • Current Rental/Lease Agreement WITH the following:
      • Parent/Guardian name(s)
      • Manager or Owner name & phone number
      • Verification of OCCUPANCY FOR 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR
      • Does NOT include rented portions of a house or apartment or agreements formulated by relatives.
    • Current Property Tax Bill (on line copies NOT accepted)
    • Current Homeowner's or Renter's Insurance Policy or Declarations (not a bill/statement)


  • Group 2


    Provide ONE document from the list below:

    • Current State or Federal Tax Returns WITH W-2 or 1099 attached
    • Current Payroll Check Stub WITH name & address (not a personal check)
    • Current dated correspondence from an official government agency not used in Group 1:
      • IRS/Social Security/Child Support/Foster Care
      • Voter Registration/Polling information (if recent reg. in CA)
      • Jury Summons/Subpoena
      • ANY Current Document from Federal, State, or County agency EXCLUDING DMV
  • The District has no desire to see personal information such as amount of earnings, taxes or social security numbers. It is preferred that such items be inked out.    


    NOTE: If you cannot supply one item from each group above, you must contact the District Office as your first step. Call Student Services at (925) 280-3900, ext. 6629.