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Class of 2019
Follow the Class of 2019 on Instagram & Snap Chat for updates. 
Instagram: acalanes2019
Snapchat: dons.2019 
It is not too late to purchase Acalanes gear! Visit the webstore for spirit gear. It will be delivered to your 3rd period class! 
Couple reminders and important dates:
March 17th: Chipotle Fundraiser
March 28-29: Sophomore bonding: Ping pong tournament at lunch 
Watch the 2016 Homecoming rally!  
 Re-live the 2015 Homecoming skit!
For questions or more information on how to get involved, please email  your Sophomore Class PresidentMalika Haji
2016-2017 Sophomore Class officers:
President: Malika Haji
Vice-President: KK McDonagh
Secretary: Audrey Glosson
Treasurer: Kris Roos 
School Portraits  
Acalanes has partnered with Studio One Photography for all of our photography needs.  To view proofs and purchase your portraits, please visit Studio1's Acalanes Portal and follow the directions below.  
1. Visit Studio1's Acalanes Portal 
2. Click the correct link below the portraits you are looking to purchase 
3. Enter your student's ID# as the Online Code 
All orders will be shipped directly to your home.  If you have any questions, please call (925) 361-0430