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Class of 2018
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Couple reminders:
It is not too late to purchase spirit gear! Visit the webstore to buy and it gets delivered to your 3rd period class! 
Dates to remember:
 May 24th @ 7 pm: Junior College Night with Mrs. Jessop
Junior students and parents  are invited to learn more about the college application process and getting prepared.  
May 31st @ lunch: Post high school choices panel
Come hear from current seniors on their choices post high school. You will hear from students who are headed to a four year, a two year, taking a gap year and what they looked for and why they made the choice that they did. 
Watch the winning Homecoming skit & the entire Homecoming rally 
 Relive the 2015 Homecoming skit 
 For more information or questions, please email Clara Kobashigawa, your Junior Class President
Junior Class Officers:
President: Clara Kobashigawa
Vice-President: Hur-Ali Rizvi
Secretary: Maggie Curless
Treasurer: Jenna Kisner 
School Portraits  
Acalanes has partnered with Studio One Photography for all of our photography needs.  To view proofs and purchase your portraits, please visit Studio1's Acalanes Portal and follow the directions below.  
1. Visit Studio1's Acalanes Portal 
2. Click the correct link below the portraits you are looking to purchase 
3. Enter your student's ID# as the Online Code 
All orders will be shipped directly to your home.  If you have any questions, please call (925) 361-0430