Our attendance recorder (925 280-3973) is available 24 hours a day for late arrivals, leaving campus & all day absences. Any absence not cleared after 48 hours will be considered a cut.


    Late arrival -   

    The student must sign in at the attendance office.

    The tardy/absence is cleared with a parent phone call the same day to the attendance recorder (280-3973). Parents are not required to accompany their student to the office.


    Leaving campus –

    -A parent leaves a message on the attendance recorder the night before or as soon as possible.

    -The parent phone call generates a “Leaving the Grounds” pass. The student picks up their pass from the attendance office before their departure time.

    -The leaving the grounds pass is shown to the teacher to be released from class. Students are not allowed to leave class without prior permission & a pass.

    -Students are required to come to the office to sign out before leaving campus.

    -When returning from a valid appointment (dental, medical, court) the student must sign back in & turn in verification of their appointment to the attendance office. Verified absences are not counted against a student’s attendance.


    Students who become ill-

     If a student becomes ill during the day, they must report to the nurse / attendance office to contact a parent for permission to go home. The ill student can be monitored & easily found when the parent arrives. Students must sign out & have a leaving the grounds pass before leaving campus.


    The attendance office is typically a very busy place. If a parent comes to the office without leaving a message on the attendance recorder in advance to notify staff, there may not be enough time to locate the student, pull them from class and get them signed out in time to make their appointment. Office staff cannot call the classroom and disrupt teachers/class to release a student for a last minute appointment. Only in the case of an emergency may the office call a classroom.


    ACALANES IS A CLOSED CAMPUS. All students must remain on campus during brunch and lunch as well as the instructional portion of the day. Students who leave campus without prior permission are in defiance of school policy. Such absences cannot be cleared after the fact. It will be recorded as a cut and will result in disciplinary action. Students who must leave for a valid excused reason (medical, dental, court, funeral) must follow the leaving campus procedures above.


    Unlike the middle schools, a parent is not required to accompany their student in to the office to sign their student in or out. A message to the attendance recorder is preferred.