Students must sign in and out in the Attendance Office whenever coming to or leaving campus during the school day for any reason. Be sure to sign in if late for school.
    To clear an absence, parents must call the recorder at (925) 280-3973. We do not take notes. Absences not cleared after 24 hours will be recorded as a cut.


    Students leaving for appointments during school time must:

    1. Have a parent call the recorder prior to the time of the appointment.
    2. Pick up a Leaving-the-Grounds pass in the Attendance Office.
    3. Sign out on the Sign In/Out sheet in the Attendance Office.
    4. Sign in if returning the same day.
    5. Medical and dental appointments require a verification slip from the doctor.


    Students coming to school late must:

    1. Sign in on the Sign In/Out sheet in the Attendance Office.
    2. Make sure a parent calls the recorder to clear the absence.
    3. Medical and dental appointments require a verification slip from the doctor.


    Since Acalanes is responsible for students' safety while they are at school, students must have permission from a parent/guardian before leaving school for any reasonIf a student leaves without permission, the absence is recorded as a cut and detention is assigned.

    A student who becomes ill should go to the Nurse's Office (or to the Attendance Office if the Nurse is not available) and arrangements will be made for the student to go home. A student who feels ill and leaves campus without checking out with the Nurse or Attendance Office will automatically receive a cut and be assigned detention School.
    Medical and dental appointments must be verified. If the student receives a Leaving-the-Grounds pass from the Attendance Office, the doctor or dentist can stamp this. Otherwise, ask for a verification slip from the medical or dental office. Unverified appointments will be recorded as an unexcused absence.

    A parent wishing to excuse a student for an appointment the student is not aware of needs to call the Attendance Office (280-3973 ext. 7126) and talk to the secretary. Attendance will locate the student and pass on the information.


    Attendance violation regarding class credit:
    • CUTS. Detention will be assigned. Continued cutting will result in further discipline. Credit for make-up work will not be given.
    • SUSPENSION. Each day of suspension will count as an unexcused absence. Homework will be requested for suspension of 3 or more days.
    • LOSS OF CREDIT. If a student receives a 3rd referral in a class during a semester, the student may be dropped from the class.
    EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD STUDENTS: While students 18 years and older may notify the school of their own reasons for absences, the minimum attendance requirements still apply. Permission forms are available in the Attendance Office. The permission slip must be signed by a parent before the student can clear their own absence. The procedures to clear an absence for 18 year olds are the same as for the rest of the students. Parents will be notified of excessive absences. Students are reminded that with the right comes the responsibility. This right may be revoked if abused.
    Remember, students must sign out through the Attendance Office before leaving campus. Failure to have prior parental permission before leaving campus will be recorded as a cut and detention assigned.