• Class of 2023
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    Senior Programming:
    May 17: Senior Sunset at 7:30 PM
    May 19: Senior Day
    May 19 @ 5 PM: Senior Car Rally in Lafayette 
    May 21: Time of Reflection
    May 26 at 6 PM: Graduation
    Watch the 2022 Senior Homecoming skit!
    Helpful Information
    SENIOR ACTIVITY CHECKLIST & CALENDAR Please continue to refer to this document for important dates and purchase links for senior year.
    ASB Cards: ASB cards cost $100 and are available for purchase on the webstore. ASB cards support all student activities at Acalanes and get students discounts/free entry to the following:
    -Home athletic events (Except playoffs)
    -Free or discounted tickets to dances
    -Discounts at local businesses
    In addition, all students with ASB get an Acalanes t-shirt at Dons Day. Support student activities today!
    How to get connected: To ensure you are getting the most up to date information about the happenings at Acalanes, we encourage the following:
    - Follow @ahs_dons on instagram
    -Subscribe to the APC parent newsletter
    -Subscribe to the Daily Don (bulletin). The link to sign up is on the Acalanes home page on the left hand side.
    -Pay attention to the announcements on canvas
    - Look for information as you walk onto campus including posters, flyers & chalkboards. 
    -Email Katherine Walton, the leadership teacher, with any questions regarding student activities.
    If you have any questions related to senior events or information, email  your Senior Class President, Sophi MacKay
    Senior Class Officers:
    President: Sophi MacKay
    Vice-President: Tyler Worthington
    Secretary: Sara Archer
    Treasurer: Portia Seymour
     Go Dons!